Feeling ready to sparkle your authentic self into 2019? Want the checklist to know how you can be the best version of you? When the start of the new year comes rolling in we feel that we have to hit the ground running, at times it can get a little overwhelming, right?

I believe finding your own personal hairstyle should start today. Over the years we experience different fashion hairstyle trends, some can look great other times it can be disastrous. Today we are exposed to social media giving us unworkable images on how we should look. To me this is a major struggle to work with. What if you gave yourself permission to love all that you are, guiding yourself to what complements your face shape, hair type, skin tone and hair colour. This will give you self-confidence by owning your authentic style.

Here are three steps to personalise your hair branding…

The right shade of colour

Before taking your pick of hair colours you need to determine your skins undertone. Choosing the right colours based around your natural hair colour, eye colour and skin colour whether being cool or warm based will have an important impact on your appearance. Make your next trip to the salon worthwhile, ask your stylist to recommend colours for your hair that match your skins undertone to compliment your features. Making these small tweaks will pay off in the long run.

Hairstyle to match your face shape

It’s really important to understand your facial features they play an important role alongside the style you desire. For instance, if you have an oval face shape you are very fortunate as you can wear multiple hairstyles, in saying that, if you’re lacking a hairstyle with layers and contouring then your face shape changes. Visually the face appears to look rounder as it lacks shape in the hairstyle, no matter the length it’s vital to know what works for you so you can feel confident and look your best. Check out my article on How To Communicate With Your Hairdresser.

Styles to compliment your personality

Once you have established your own authentic hairstyle it’s time to create different looks to compliment your face which will bring out who you are. This is the fun part, think about introducing hair accessories like scarfs, headbands, hats, flowers and hairclips. Try experimenting on weekends as this could be your go to look on your next social event. Work with styling your hair three ways as this gives you options to wear throughout the week. These looks can be so simple as a ponytail, glam it up by adding extra volume at the crown, a polish blow dry either sleek or soft ends and try creating texture with a curling wand for a tousle-waved look.

Investing in yourself daily will bring a lovely transformation to your appearance and self-esteem, furthermore celebrating beautiful changes that you can give yourself this year. These wins can be simple, start small and work towards your goal. If you’re needing guidance attend THE NEW YEAR NEW YOU Workshop where you will learn to start your journey to discovering your authentic self.

Happy styling!


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