Personal Branding & Fashion Hairstyling Session

Find your identity and personal style in three personalized sessions

Imagine waking up every day knowing how to style your hair with confidence and ease. The Weekend Stylist will sit down, chat with you to discuss your goals and help break down the barriers from transforming to the new stylish you, including two hands-on personalised styles individually selected just for you. This series of sessions will empower you by transforming your look in a way that will help you discover your own personal branding.  The Weekend Stylist will give you guidance, knowledge and insider tips and help you identify your own unique style that will complement your total look.  This workshop is recommended for all women who are needing a casual or professional look to add to their lifestyle, whether you are a stay-at-home mum, career woman, entrepreneur or young at heart wanting to create your perfect look. The Weekend Stylist has you covered for an enjoyable, stylish and practical experience.

Personal One-on-One sessions:

Session One 1 hour

Session Two 2 hours

Session Three 30 minutes

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Personal Hairstyling Mastery

If you’re feeling ready to empower your own personal hairstyling this creative workshop is the right one for you. You’ll be guided by the Weekend Stylist to personally create your two hands-on individual hairstyles. You will receive knowledge, skills and tips from hairstyling products, hair equipment and go to techniques to create fabulous looks.

Our Personal Hairstyling Mastery is a fun and interactive way to learn through play.

Personal One-on-One Session: 2 hours

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Personal Hairstyling Analysis

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the seasonal, vogue hairstyle trends? I believe in finding your own personal hairstyle and hair colour rather than focus on current fads or trends. In this 1-hour strategy session, be prepared to discover your own unique hairstyle. The Weekend Stylist will provide you with personalised hairstyles to suit your face shape and style, customised hair colour recommendations that compliment your skin tone. Say goodbye to unflattering hair that no longer serves you and say hello to a fabulous stylish you.

Personal One-on-One Session: 1 hour

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Master the Curl Workshop

Our ‘Master the Curl’ workshops are fun, interactive, and empowering building your self-esteem and confidence. During the workshop, you will be guided through very important techniques on how to create a curl/wave, how it works and how to use it with a flat iron and curling wand. You’ll get extensive product knowledge on what works best before and after styling your hair. This will help you to work confidently and get hands-on in curling your hair. You’ll also, receive a video tutorial of what we’ve covered so you’ll remember what to do on the next special occasion.

This workshop is great for hen’s parties, corporate team building, corporate branding, baby showers, friendships groups, young deportment training, building self-esteem and confidence.

2-hour Workshop

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