I had the pleasure to sit down one on one with the lovely Lisa Guardala talking about what drives one stylist to open their own hair salon, what are the signature styles that they offer to clients, hairstyling advice and much more.

Here is what Lisa has to say “I opened my salon Lila Boheme in New Farm in 2009. I had been hairdressing at the time for 15 years in two of Brisbane’s leading salons and was ready to move on and do my own thing! I wanted to create a smaller space that was relaxed and inviting yet professional at the same time attracting clients who are into healthy, natural, beautiful on-trend hairstyles! I also wanted to create a happy work/life balance to pursue other interests such as art, fashion, yoga and travel! Now it’s spending time with my little boy Enea! A lot of our clients are locals and are connected in some way or other and I love the energy this brings to the salon when everyone is chatting and having a good time. It’s moments like this along with working in a creative environment that really makes me love what I do!”

If you’ve got any questions you would like me to ask the next stylist, please contact me michelle@theweekendstylist.com

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